Geology Geotechnics

Geotecnia carries out studies at the profile, pre-feasibility, feasibility and execution of integrated projects in the field of geotechnical engineering and geological engineering, conducting geotechnical investigations of the mechanical, hydraulic and engineering properties of materials from the geological environment for the design of civil structures such as bridges, tunnels, dams, highways, hydroelectric plants, river defenses, as well as de-clogging of channels and design and instrumentation of geotechnical equipment.

We provide: Consulting and Engineering

  • Vulnerability studies for civil works
  • Installation of a monitoring system in tunnels, dams, pits, slopes and civil infrastructures in general
  •  Slope stability
  • Surface and underground geomechanical design
  • Study and calculation of quarry volumes
  • Design of shallow and deep foundations
  • Design of geotechnical instrumentation for mining, dams, tunnels, roads and open pit
  • Telemetry for geotechnical equipment
  • Geotechnical Studies for the design of Leaching Pad, Dumps and Pits
  • Tunnel Monitoring

Installation and Commissioning of Geotechnical Instruments

  • Installation and Commissioning of Geotechnical Instruments
  • Calibration of geotechnical instruments (Read Out, inclinometric probe, extensometers, water level, etc.)
  • Inclinometers (inclinometer kit, tilt meter, clinometrics, clinometric beam, TDR, fixed horizontal and vertical inclinometer)
  • Slump, pressure cell, stress (NATM) and load cell sensor
  • Well strain gauges, Strain gauges, Crack Meter, convergence monitoring system
  • Datalogger Smart logger, WW mini logger and Instruments for telemetry
  • Training, maintenance and diagnosis service for geotechnical instruments
  • Tunnel Convergence System
  • Well Extensometer